Stuff you might like to know about the author (or would prefer to ignore)

This blog is written and managed by Dave Middleton. That’s me. Welcome to Teaching Socially.
Whilst I work for The Open University, which is a great place to take a course incidentally, this blog is all mine. All the words belong to me, as do the pictures (unless otherwise stated) and especially the opinions.
Most of what I blog about will be teaching and learning related, though occasionally I might have something to say about politics or other aspects of social science. I probably won’t blog on my other main interests: football (especially Tottenham Hotspur) or popular music (particularly soul and jazz) – that would be another sort of blog, though if you look on my ‘Musical inspiration’ page I talk a little about some of the song titles I use. My other main interest outside of work is running which I do mention from time to time. I run regularly in the Cardiff Parkrun which is a timed 5k every Saturday morning and have recently completed a couple of 10k races and now desperately trying to get fit enough for a half-marathon, though suffering from repeated niggly injuries (the latest as of January 2014 being a strained hamstring).
I do welcome debate, so please feel free to comment. I’ll usually reply to comments, because that’s the point isn’t it? If you comment on mine, I’ll visit yours, and if I can think of anything will comment back. Both our stats will improve (not that stats matter, do they?)
Sorry lost my track as I was checking today’s stats!
I am lucky enough to be based in Cardiff so photos are very likely to be taken in Wales.
Thanks for visiting and do return.


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