What’s the Storify

I’ve always loved the use of moving images to bring a subject to life. In the past the skills and equipment necessary made this really difficult to achieve without hiring professional film makers. With the advent of cheap camcorders and the range of apps available, the game has changed. Using a combination of Flickr, You Tube, Twitter (follow me @OUSocSciCymru) and Storify. it is possible to create a permanent record of an event as it happens. And, throw in a video camera, and a digital camera (which could be an iPad or smartphone) and the ability to tell stories of all types is near endless.
What’s more the technical skills required are low to medium whilst you are in the experimental stage, rising to high only if you are concerned to maintain very high production values. In truth, for most web based work, the high production values aspired to are simply a legacy of a past when only a select few could engage in these activities at all.
Perhaps what we are seeing is the democratisation of what was once a very privileged activity. Whether that is a good thing likely depends which side of the divide you were on to start with. This makes me wonder why more people are not using the available technologies. I guess it is that like Sisyphus all they see stretching before them is a huge learning curve to climb.
Whilst I can tell you that the learning curve really isn’t that steep, you’ll only believe that if you never thought it was to start with. That is one reason why I am currently engaged in a project to develop some short videos aimed at tutors who want to use video, but are worried that they do not have the skills.
The story of our first day’s filming is here.


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